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*** 2007/2008 Desert Wildflower Forecast *** Arizona Sonora Desert Museum
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Home Page
 Friends of Bosque del Apache - A must for visitors to Bosque del Apache NWR
Southwest Wildfires
The National Undersea Research Album (NURP) Photo Library
Earthquakes and the New Madrid Fault Line

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Our Favorite Underwater Photography Links
Our Favorite Scenic Photography and Nature  Links
Educational Resources
Art Related Resources
Diving Resources and Destinations
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Ramblin' Cameras Homepage

Our Favorite Underwater Photography Links
*Skip's Underwater Image Gallery: Underwater photographs of Ian Skipworth 
*Fabio's Underwater Photography Gallery 
*The Colours Of The Blue - Michael Scokaert 
*Dive Deep: Underwater Photography Of Mitsuaki Takata
*Underwater Photography By Guido
*IMAGinE - Underwater Photography of Len Deeley

Espen Rekdal Photography -  Norwegian and World Photography

Phillip Colla Photography  -  Marine Animals
Jeff's Nudibranch Site and Coral Reef Gallery
The Bioluminescence Web Page - See Photos !
Encounters in the Sea - Underwater Photography of David Hall
Garry McCarthy's Underwater Images
Carl Roessler Photography
*Illuminex.com Rating of Underwater Photography Sites
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Our Favorite Scenic and Nature  Photography Links
*The Luminous Landscape - Photography by Michael Reichmann - Great Photographic Source, Highly recommended
*Mountain Scenes - Photography by Don Geyer - Adventure Photography, Mountain Scenics, continually updated!
*Geoff Dore' - Nature and Landscape Photography - Lots of nice updates - Worth a visit!
*Nature Photo Works - Jerry Goffe's Wildlife and Nature Photography - Like Birds great and small ?

*Wild about Britain   -  British Wildlife and Environment News, Forums, Photography, Events, Reviews and Information

*Campbell Photographic Arts - The Art and Craft of Nature Photography
Mark Raymond Mason Photography     -     Fine Art  Nature and Abstract Urban Photography
*Online Photo Galleries - Contains a selected set of images by Laurenz Bobke, a talented and versatile photographer
*Steve Hoffmann's Nature and Scenic Photography   
*Grant Collier - Nature and Landscape Photography
Terragalleria  -  A wide selection of magnificent images by  Quang-Tuan Luong.
The Mountain Gallery - Photography by Quang-Tuan Luong - Superb Mountain Images! 
*Qui Tan Le Photography - Talented and Sensitive Photography. First Rate!
Chockstone Photography  -  An excellent site to view or purchase  nature  landscape images of Australia 
Whit Richardson Photography - Absolutely First Rate Adventure and Landscape photography!
Treasures from the Kingdom of Fungi Taylor F. Lockwood's remarkable images of mushrooms and fungi
Lee Mann Scenic and Nature Photography
Michael Hardeman Photography
Enlightened Images by Gary Crabbe
The Web's Top Nature Photography Sites
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Art Related Resources
*Lesley Ann Hartman Studio - Superb paintings of horses, other subjects drawn from nature ...
*wjstewartphotography - Well worth a visit!                         NEW!
*Agora Gallery, Soho, New York City - Agora Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Soho, New York City, in the hub of galleries and museums. Portfolios are accepted for review.
*Art Bridge - Searchable resource for a wide range of creative arts
findyourartschool.com  -  A Total Art School Network - Photography  -  Excellent Art Resource! 
*Totku   -   Abstract Photography and Images of Nature by Cambodian Photographer Ciro Totku   
*Mark Raymond's Fine Art Photography  -  His images bear out the title  
*Murray's Portraits - Site of Portrait Artist Murray Postell
*Startphoto.com - Thought, Dialog, and Inspiration about the Art of Photography
*Marine Photography & Art,     -   Conch Resources     -   Great Site!
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Educational Resources
*American Museum of Natural History Ramblin' Cameras image on permanent display
*Ocean Vision Our Future in the Oceans of the 21st Century - Ocean News Television Stories
Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Desert Wildflower Forecast
*Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Wildflower Blooming Information - Sonoran Desert: Arizona Upland
*Arizona Sonora Desert Museum - Wildflower Blooming Information - Lower Colorado River Valley
*My Desert Online    Chihuahua Desert Information
*Baja California/Lower California  Information on Baja California by Ulises Robles 
*Delaware Wildflowers   -   Compilation of worldwide wildflower image sites
educationatlas.com - Online Map of Education, Degrees, and Distance Learning Resources
*Education Online Search - An Online Directory of Career Education - Collage, School and Universities *** NEW!
*Las Cruces Museum of Natural History
*Southern New Mexico Natural History Foundation
*San Juan Wilderness   Licensed Therapeutic Wilderness Program
*New Mexico State University Outdoor Adventure Statement
Florida Photography Schools - Best photography colleges if Florida.
*POPEIMAGES   -   Marine Photography and Art Links
*Cal State Fullerton, Biological Home Page - Prof. Eernisse - Worthwhile source on marine invertebrates
*Teacher 2020 "Links across the Caribbean" Caribbean Education Link Resources
*Chordates - Indiana University
*Education Planet
*Education Planet - Invertebrates Website
 *Planet TVI Biology Syllabus
*On-Line Encyclopedia
*Welcome to the Galapagos Expedition
*Organ Mountains Volcanic System
*Planet Book Club -Online Resource - Caribbean - (Indian Hill Middle School, Cincinnati, Ohio)
 *Fiji Websites on Line - Fiji Islands Educational Resource
*Estonian Education and Research resource
*Biology Links for Zoology 250 - Survey of Invertebrates  -  University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada
*Aquatik Web Site  -  Extensive Links related to Marine Biology
Neptune le monde de silence   -   University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada  -  Underwater Links Page
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Diving Resources and Destinations
Galápagos Islands Diving Resource      -   Maps, History and Articles
*Costal Scuba - Interesting Scuba resource centered at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
*Dive Barbados     -    Underwater Photography Directory
*Caribbean Underwater Photography
*ScubaDuba - Comprehensive, searchable Scuba resource
*Oman Dive Center - A Diving Resource for Oman
*scubaturk.net - Turkish dive resource with several image galleries ( In Turkish and English)
*Le Monde de la Photo Sous-Marine - Dive resource site with galleries (French)
*Underwater World by Totemvillage - Dive Resource, Florence, Italy 
*Aqua Safaris Web Site - Touring resource in Kenya
*Scuba Dive South Africa  - Scuba Dive in South Africa – PADI scuba diving lessons, Johannesburg, South Africa
*cameldive.com - Interesting resource and travel site for the Red Sea area, centered at Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai, Egypt
*Red Sea Diving and Egypt Land  Tours - Egypt Sightseeing Tours, Nile Cruises & Red Sea Diving Holidays
*Marine Biology Links & Resources      Lisa Peck
*POPPEIMAGES  -  Source for Marine Biology, Marine Life Photos etc.  A Very Worthwhile Site
*Atlantis-Bali Diving  -  IDC Diving in Bali  Bali's Largest Recreational and PADI Diver Training Center
Thailand Divers - PADI 5 Star National Geographic scuba diving center, Phuket, Thailand.   NEW!
*Similan Island Dive Sites  -  Resource on diving the Similan Islands, Phuket , Thailand                      NEW!
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Other Links Related to Scuba Diving
*WorldDivingZone.com - Worldwide Diving Photography
*Underwater Photography - Information and Resources *** Many Photographic Sites with ratings and comments  
*Underwater Imaging: Home Page
*International UW- Photographers
The Sea Slug Site
Sea Images - Carl Roessler
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Other Interesting Links
*picturesofplaces.com  -  A great site for travelers wanting images of places, in this case Banff, Alberta  
*picturesofplaces.com  - A great site for travelers wanting images of places, in this case Russia  
*picturesofplaces.com  - A great site for travelers wanting images of places, in this case New Mexico, USA    
Hillman Wonders of the World  -  A Unique Site.  A Must for adventurous Travelers!    
*Canada Embassy Consulate   -   British Colombia        
*Cruise the Sea of Cortez - Todd Johnson's site is a very worthwhile source on cruising and diving in the Sea of Cortez.
*Trip report by Jeff Kelling of Tucson, Arizona, about certification dives in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.
*Bighorn Divers - A nice site, prepared by our diving buddy, for divers in and around Kalispell, Montana
*South Florida Divers  -   Ocean Art and Photography
*Texas Air Adventures - Nice source for ballooning, especially around Houston, Texas and the American Southwest
*Hot Air Balloon Headquarters - Worthwhile source for hot air ballooning topics in The USA and elsewhere
*El Paso Ridgewalkers - Major source for hikers in the El Paso, Las Cruces area
*The Zees go west picturing New Mexico  -  Interesting images and facts about New Mexico 
*AZ Hiker's Haven - Central Arizona Wilderness   Source for Hiking in Arizona    
*Rock Climbing Directory      Rock Climbing and Bouldering Resource
*Toledo Photo Arts Club -- Photographic Opportunities in and Around Toledo, Ohio
*Laurie's New Mexico Gallery  -  A bit of this and that about New Mexico.  We Enjoy it.    
*Tibart Images - A wide selection of Images from North Carolina and other areas
*Chiff.com -- Guide to selected sites on the Internet
*Gowally.com - Cool Links
*Actrix Newsletter -- Interesting sites
*Linky and Dinky - Breaking Cool - Unusual Site, and well worth a visit
*Planet Yahyah
* -- Selection of Links Pertaining to New Mexico
*MarysFreebies.com - An interesting site, with a huge collection of documented 'Freebies'
*Sunny Walter's Links to On-Line Nature Portfolios
*Sunny Walter's Links to On-Line Nature Portfolios (By Region - West)
*Photography of Western North Carolina
*Cool Links - Around the Heart of Texas - Waco Texas ISP -
*New Mexico Net
*New Mexico Magazine On Line - Links Section -
*New Mexico Travel Trip Portal
 Organ Mountains - The Nature Conservancy and the BLM
Organ Mountains Volcanic System
NOVA: Tracking El Niño
NOAA El Niño Page
*EcoPhotos.com - A Site Oriented toward the role of photography in ecological issues.
*Wild Flower Image Sites - North America
Desert Wildflower Watch
*Traveling the American West, Photography and Hiking information by Jody  Timmins
Peakfinder.com - An excellent source site on peaks of the Canadian Rockies, maintained by Dave Birrell
*Beaver's Bend Marina - Like Inland water sports in a beautiful area in Oklahoma? Check out this site!
*General Information Site - An interesting and difficult to catalog site, worth a visit
*Philip Greenspun's Photo Net - Links Related to "Great Photographers on the Net"
*SIMIYA - Site about things Caribbean
LocalIslands.com - Resource Guide to Island Life. *** NEW!
*Simplified Reef Keeping - The first easy to understand guide to reef aquariums
*Splash Aquaculture - Australian aquaculture site

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Doña Ana County, New Mexico - Official Information Site for Doña Ana County, New Mexico
dmoz - Open Directory Project - Recreation > Outdoors > Scuba Diving > Underwater Photography > Photographers
AOL Search Directory - Recreation > Outdoors > Scuba Diving > Underwater Photography > Photographers
Euroseek.com Directory Search - Sports > Water Sports > Scuba Diving > Underwater Photography > Photographers
zeal.com - Knowledge Active Directory
Nature Links
Echinopsis Links
Personal Pages - Total Access ISP
Tiaspeed    - Personal Pages
Elizabeth Crow   -   Favorite Links
Looksmart' Cities, Denver    -   Canadian Rockies
Slider.com - Home > Sports > Scuba Diving > Underwater Photography > Photographers
Forkz - Sports > Water Sports > Scuba Diving > Underwater Photography > Photographers
Omniseek - Sports > Scuba Diving > Underwater Photography > Photographers
 Citizen Dive Watches -
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