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Caribbean Underwater Photography Gallery I


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Christmas Tree Worm with Orange Sponges and Green Algae, Shipwreck Balboa, Grand Cayman, BWI

A white Split-Crown Feather Duster (Anamobaea onstedii), with orange sponges (Ulosa hispida) and blue-green algae,  Balboa Wreck, Grand Cayman, BWI

Translucent Tunicates with a colorful sulphur trim, with Orange Sponges. Sandy Reef, Anthony's Key, Roatan, Honduras

Purple Social Feather Duster Worms at the base of a matching Sea Fan, Little Cayman Island, BWI

Cleaner Shrimp Periclimenes yucatanicus on an Anemone tentacle,  Little Cayman Island, BWI

A Flamingo Tongue grazes on A Purple Sea Fan, North wall, Grand Cayman Island, BWI

A Fingerprint Shell, a fortunate find in the Bloody Bay shallows, Little Cayman Island, BWI

A Large group of unusual white Social Feather Duster Worms, Hog Islands, (Cayos Cochinos), Honduras

Detail of a colony of nearly white Social Feather Duster Worms, Hog Islands, (Cayos Cochinos), Honduras

A Cluster of purple Social Feather Duster Worms  on the Balboa Wreck, Grand Cayman Island, BWI

a richly colored cluster of Social Feather Duster Worms, on a Finger Sponge, Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

Bluebell Tunicates on a Finger Sponge, with hydroids - Hog Islands, (Cayos Cochinos), Honduras

A swimming Cannonball Jellyfish from the coastal waters off Trujillo, Honduras

From beneath, the Cannonball Jellyfish resembles a piece of abstract art.

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